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Missionaries to Canada

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Canada is officially recognized by the UN as being a "pluralistic nation" – meaning, Canada is not the Christian nation it was once deemed to be. Factors like immigration, globalization, and liberal-minded government policies have left Canada in a post-Christian state, implying real missional challenges and needs unlike any other non-Christian country. As a Fellowship, we are faced with a rising need for missionaries willing to engage the unreached parts of our nation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministry in Canada – Facts:

  • The Francophone people of Quebec represent the largest missionary challenge in the Western world. Over 99% do not have a personal faith in Jesus.
  • Over 80% of youth and young adults are not regularly attending a place of worship of any kind. A majority of post-secondary Christian young adults drop out of church after high school.
  • Over 200,000 newcomers arrive in Canada annually from other countries – 95% do not know Jesus personally.
  • Christian natives faithfully share the Good News in the face of massive spiritual, physical and social challenges among Canada's Aboriginal community.
  • Entire demographic groups of Canadians who live in-city are relatively unreached by the Church.
  • Those ministering in rural or northern Canada often wrestle with isolation and scarcity of resources.


Although the PAOC has over 1,100 local churches spread across the nation, there exists a growing missional need in Canada. Mission Canada, together with PAOC District leadership, is actively pursuing new strategies and initiatives to address this need by facilitating the calling and deploying of individuals who would envision themselves as being Missionaries to Canada.