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Our Missionaries to Kenya, Africa

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As a former professor and program supervisor of the Cross-Cultural Studies program at Master’s College and Seminary in Toronto, his geographic area of focus has been on Africa. Paul previously spent ten years in Kenya as the Principal of the former Pan Africa Christian College. Later he spent two years in Ethiopia as the Academic Dean of the Pentecostal Theological College in Addis Ababa.

Paul continues to travel extensively through out the world as an educational consultant. As such he has been involved academically and administratively with schools in Uganda, Ukraine, Cuba, Ethiopia, and the Middle East.

During the 2008 school year Paul served as the Director of Finance and Administration at Pan Africa Christian University and taught in the graduate program in leadership. As from September 1, 2009 he was appointed by the Council of Governors of the university as Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.


Lynn was born in Zimbabwe and is the daughter of former PAOC missionaries, Horace and Elsie Butler. She is a graduate of Eastern Pentecostal Bible College and Trinity International University where she completed her degree in communications. She is an ordained minister with the PAOC. For several years she was a lecturer in Communications at Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, as well as, an itinerant speaker in the Eastern Ontario District of the PAOC. More recently she was the Teaching Pastor at Stone Community Church in Brampton.

As an Assistant Lecturer in the Theology Department at Pan Africa Christian University, Lynn, specialized in the areas of Christology, Soteriology, and Synoptic Gospels. She also keeps a busy preaching schedule and has been asked to be an Associate Pastor at a church in Nairobi.


Lynn, Bethuel & Noella


A former Grad - now the principal of another Bible College


In Kibera Slum - visiting the TCL program coordinator


A Father and Son - both graduates - one from the 80's


Paul in ther Market Place


Paul in the Class Room


Visiting Sudan - talking about taking our program there



Paul Kohls and Paul Kohls (one of our workers actually called his
son not just paul ... but Paul Kohls


Meeting Government ministers (in Sudan)